Our Service

An important factor for positive development, whether it concerns setting up a new business, expanding a business or relocating a business, is the business location. We will support you in finding the optimal location in the District of Warendorf.
„We“ includes the network of competence- „ Business Properties“ in all towns und boroughs in the District of Warendorf , the District council of Warendorf, the agricultural association of the District of Warendorf and „gfw - Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung im Kreis Warendorf mbH“

We will cooperate to provide you with support and advice and to help you to put your plans into action.

Our free service offer:

  • Support in your search for suitable sites and properties
  • Provision of the right information to fit your requirements in the choice of the location
  • Mediation and help in contacting business partners , services and local authorities
  • Provision of information on state funding and help in working out finance plans
  • Placement of your site or property in the database

Additional management and property services can be arranged with competent partners should it be necessary,
for example in cases regarding:

  • Analysis and assessment of the characteristics of the property location
  • Development of utilisations and building plans
  • Acquisition of documents and information which are relevant to the decision for or against the property
  • Dealing with the appropriate authorities and the coordination of the various licensing procedures
  • Provision of a contact person to be available for the entire period of the pProject
  • Legal questions and tax questions