Colliery „Westfalia“-shaft 1/2

Things are looking up- industrial heritage in Ahlen between the Ruhr and Münsterland

Space and Opportunity for Innovation

The former coal mine has become a location for renewal and quality of life Winner in 2005 of he United Nations best practice Award for revitalisation
The area encompasses 20000 m2 of buildings, 80% of which are spoken for within the starter project

Climbing instead of Coal Mining

Colliery „Westfalia“: At the beginning of August the Big Wall Climbing-centre Münsterland opened its doors in the former changing rooms of the colliery. It offers climbing facilities to a height of 22m

Building, Living and working in the 21st century

Big Wall climbing-centre Münsterland Colliery „Westfalia“: the place where everything is happening: leisure time activities, education and innovative services